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The Evolving World of IT

Let’s say Scotty is your IT department.  It might be because Scotty is in accounting and he knows a lot about computers, or you’ve got a small IT team.  Which of these do you expect from Scotty?

  1.  Keep the network up
    1. Manage disk space
    2. Manage file storage
    3. Ensure backups are happening
    4. Monitor server performance
    5. Ensure emails are routed
    6. Minimize spam
    7. Keep the viruses, worms, trojans and hackers out
  2. Manage workstations
    1. Ensure everybody’s workstations run
    2. Keep their applications run
    3. Make them run faster
    4. Help with upgrades: planning and implementation
  3. Help & train users with specific tasks
    1. Assist with mail merges
    2. Format tables
    3. Work with industry & company specific applications
    4. Transfer data between internal programs
  4. Database administration
    1. Backup process design & implementation
    2. Recovering from data mishaps
    3. Import external data
    4. Build decision support systems
  5. Build applications
    1. Analyze current processes
    2. Design, develop, implement new software, then train users
    3. Customize applications
    4. System integration
    5. Design & develop web solutions
  6. Secure systems
    1. Ensure users have access to what they need
    2. Protect business data and systems from harm & theft
    3. Manage updates
    4. Keep abreast of new threats and counter-measures
  7. Evaluate new solutions
    1. VOIP
    2. information management
    3. document management
    4. industry-specific solutions

The fact is that the list above is too broad for business to do internally, and the larger the organization, the more likely they are to use external resources.  For Scotty to be more valuable, he needs to be aware of his capabilities and limitations, growing his skills while recognizing there will always be a need for outside help.We all come across instances in which after struggling with a task for hours, even days and weeks, we learn of a way to do it in minutes.  The value of the expert is in the “been there—done that”.  Focusing on a smaller segment of the IT landscape, the expert spots the potholes early and knows where the cliffs are, saving time and money by avoiding them or using the right tools. 

story | by Dr. Radut