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Project List

18 years of professional IT experience with software development and databases...

Database Development & Administration

Aligning database applications with business needs and processes for various clients including:

  • BC Hothouse
  • Baywest Property Management
  • Knowledgeware Communications Corporation.

Data Report and Data Warehouse Development

Data Reports give you advantage in business by letting you know who’s doing what, what’s selling, etc.  Data warehouses give you information quickly, bringing together data from across multiple data sources without impacting line-of-business systems.  Clients include:

  • Art In Motion
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Phoenix Systems

Visual Basic Work

  • Visual Basic technical support for  Microsoft helping developers across the US
  • Software development for WCB of BC
  • Technical editing of Microsoft Certification guide for VB.

Microsoft Access Development

Design and development of workgroup specific applications for clients including:

  • Richmond Savings Credit Union
  • BC Association for Community Living
  • Murray-Latta Progressive Machine Inc.

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